Quality is everything when it comes to the hardware for your kitchen and that's why we at Internal Edge only use the Blum brand. With it's high quality standard, recognised design and ultimate durability, you are guaranteed exceptional results.

At Internal Edge we offer a wide range of material finishes and accessories, making it easy to tailor design your kitchen and fulfil your individual requirements and needs. From more storage space to utilising those tricky hard to get to spaces, we have the solution! Below are some of the different materials and accessories we offer.

  Polyurethane Paint (2 Pack)   Solid Timber  
  This product is ideal for everyday cabinetry use, with its gloss finish, hardness, and resistance to abrasion, impact, weathering, acids and solvents.   Our wide range of timber finishes are hard-wearing, have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, making it suitable to withstand the demands of everyday living.    
  High Sheen   Colour Board  
  Produced from 18mm MDF, this product offers a super smooth surface with a shine that is highly durable and easy to maintain.    Available in 2 finishes - natural or textured and with over 500 colours to choose from, colour board is ideal for any application at an affortable price.  

  Wire Storage Systems    
  Pull-Out Pantry Kits
Diagonal Under/Overhead Pull-Out Kits
Corner Pull-Out Kits
Overhead Pull-Out Shelves
  Lazy-Susan Rotary Tray Units
Pull-Out Organiser Racks & Caddies
Pull-Out Wire Laundry Baskets
Pull-Out Basket Drawers
  Additional Accessory Systems    
  Non-Slide Drawer Liner – To stop crockery moving
Surface Saver – Tempered glass for hot items to rest
Spice Insert Trays – For storage of average sized spice jars
Cutlery Insert Trays – For storage of various cutlery
Utensil Insert Trays – For storage of various cooking utensils
Tea Towel Rails – For tea towels to hang inside of cupboards
Door Mounted Bins – Bins that have self-closing lids
Sliding Bins – Pull-Out bins that have 2 compartments
  Eco Bins – Bins with multiple units ideal for recycling
Bench Top Bins – Bins that are integrated into the bench top
Vanity Bins – Small bins that fit inside a vanity cupboard
Tambour Appliance Doors – Ideal for storage of appliances
Motorised Appliance Doors – Ideal for storage of large appliances
Aluminium Framed Doors – Glass doors with an aluminium frame
Cabinet Lighting – Ideal for dark cupboards or simply as a feature